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Red Wattle

The Red Wattle hog, or Red Wattle pig, is a breed of domestic pig originating in the United States. It is named for its red color and distinctive wattles or tassels, and is on the threatened list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  Red Wattle hogs are characterized by their red coat and distinctive wattles. They typically weigh 600–800 pounds. Large specimens can reach 1,200 pounds in weight, 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length. They normally have 10 –15 piglets per litter. They grow fast, forage well, and are hardy, mild-tempered and resistant to disease.

Alpha Omega Ranch
Red Wattle
Red Wattle pigs are one of the most critically endangered heritage breeds of swine in the world! The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy estimates that there are fewer than 50 breeding pairs in the US. We chose them for their perfect fit in our sustainable, and all-natural farming operation. Red Wattle pigs are usually some shade of red in color, have upright ears, are quite hairy and are very distinguishable from other red swine breeds by the dangling pieces of cartilage on their neck known as a "wattle" or "waddle". The purpose of the wattles has not been identified, but it is a dominate trait.
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