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The Standard Rex Rabbit is a breed of rabbit developed in France in 1919. It is known for its unusually soft coat of fur. The Rex Rabbit is a breed of European rabbit that has developed to have short dense plush velvet-like fur. Currently, Rex Rabbits are kept as pets, as show rabbits, and for fur and meat production. The Rex remains the number one breed used in fur production for garments and toys as their fur lacks protruding guard hairs which in other breeds which must be shorn and plucked after the tanning process to resemble other animal furs.
Blue River Rabbitry
We are youth mini Rex Breeders in Astoria, Oregon. Our primary colors are lilac and black otter. You may find a new rabbit to add to your breeding stock or your show stock and like most breeders, there are "pet quality" rabbits for sale. Pet quality are only for pets, they do not do well on and ARBA. You are welcome to e-mail us with any questions you may have. We have quality mini rex in black otter, broken, ruby eyed white, and lilac.
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Larissa Schultz
Astoria, OR

Bigtime 2009       208.265.3536